Our work consists of two parts:
Strategy +

Jessica creates strategies for brands, transforms them into concepts, leads the creative direction and connects clients with their community and purpose. She loves the the intensity, the focus and seeing clients start to change their mindset + business flow.

While her official title might be #bosslady Jessica is a hands-on and prefers working alongside our clients as part of their ‘team’ throughout every stage of the project, thrives on problem solving, collaborating and being able to connect people.

Jessica is business- obsessed and is an advocate for the people leading them. You’ll find her with a coffee in her hand, most likely lost in research & thinking up the next creative strategy for our clients; or sharing her latest podcast find. Jessica combines her studies in Marketing & Economics with her previous corporate life; and her most recent START-UP experience within the booming wellness space, to deliver brands that are engaging, community focused and conscious in design.

Jessica Nowell


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What I believe in


INSPIRED BY: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Seize the Yah - Sarah Holloway.

BUSINESS WISE: I’m inspired by The Wing, YellowCo, Goop, The Business of Brand & the Godfather of Marketing ‘Seth Godin’. They are all creating much more than just a space, a community, or a movement.

THE NECESSITIES:  My 3 Babes, Good Coffee, A Good Laugh, Real Conversations, Travel, Good Food & Organised Spaces to Think In.

DOWNTIME: I love to cook although am not a fan of baking. I love reading about business + the minds behind them. I am podcast obsessed and are often asked “what are you listening to”. Sharing is Caring.

PRODUCTS: I am a MECCA COSMETICA junkie. Not just for the makeup itself, but I love the experience & can relate my love of all things branding to being introduced to this amazing brand in my early 20’s. I am also a huge fan of “Medium” to read more well rounded articles - culture, psychology & political based pieces.

JOY: New books. Yoga. Self-care rituals. New Concepts. Tech obsessed - anything that will simplify my life - I am all about. A decent catch-up.

THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Loose Your Breathe, find your thoughts. You are in control of what happens next.  That our most important job is to create good humans. Stay Humble + Be Kind Always.